Day 13 in the Big Abbott House

Apparently we have had the Honeymoon period!!

What do you mean we have had the Honeymoon period? I thought to myself as the kids SW sat and told me that we had, as she saw it, moved over that period.

Normally I was expecting some months to pass before we moved on from the wonderful, charming, pleasant mild mannered children to the downright obnoxious and annoying, fighting, verbally or physically abusive children, not directed at us but just that is what they are expressing etc. But no from what I described to their SW this past week, we have officially moved on. Both of the kids especially the girly girl have been pushing boundaries like you wouldn’t believe, moving from one mood to another at the drop of a hat, seemingly without warning as well, not helpful, especially since Yve now has the conjunctivitis I had and has a cold to boot as well, so she is quite miserable right now and sleeping, even without the kids schedule, is quite interrupted for both of us.

We, meaning me, have had to understand a new way of discipline and also understand the myriad of complexities that are present with the kids. Wee man, he is 3, push it give him a count of 3 down to 0, not working, naughty step for 3 minutes, whine, says sorry, game over. Girly girl, nope at 6 nearly 7 and given her background, not the way to do it. So we had an, I kid you not solid 45 minute (ignored) whining session from her, following a bit of an upset, about a “No” she received. We were able to have dinner, the wee man near fell asleep in he was that tired, denied of course as he did through half closing eyes, he then went to Bed and she was still at it!! She came around eventually and we then welcomed her back like nothing had happened, made no mention of it and moved on. Girly girl got a bit more aggressive, physically, just last night with a bath situation, I can still feel the stinging in my right hand as I type, as she slapped me hard as my iron grip was not for budging off the hot water tap! Fun times 🙂

So apparently since we have all of that going on and girly girl and wee man are both noted to be settling well, calling us Mummy and Daddy, happily and openly, pushing the boundaries, testing the resolve and indeed the marriage of Yve and I, it would appear that not only were we fast-tracked in terms of the length and timing of our being assessed, approved and matched etc, but so too it would appear were our delightful (I mean that sincerely I really do love girly girl and wee man to bits) 2 kids being that they were so ready for being moved on that they have condensed months worth of heartache and adjusting and settling into a mere less than 2 weeks!

Who says prayer doesn’t work? Really need it to continue to work since we are apparently over the Honeymoon the rest of this forever is set to be a real rocky and interesting road, cheers Big G!!