I Will Drive 500 Miles…Lincoln

Today was another day in the car again, not such an early start but also not such a long way to go either.  Again this was deliberate.  Planned drop in on some dear friends who live in Cotgrave, Brian and Sheila, who while we were staying in Bingham, were almost like Grandparents with the kids, delightful couple who could do no wrong.  Wee man and I used to head down to have our hair cut and spend some time with Brian who used to own his own barber shop for many years, now long retired, he has no less skills in that department despite his lengthy years of service, also for me to lend the obligatory IT assistance with a few issues, which are usually resolved by my mere presence, much to the annoyance of the user who has only just had the issue, now mystically disappear as they try to show me what is going wrong as I am watching to assess.  Sheila will talk no end and loved to hear wee man’s tales from school etc, so was really nice to schedule the visit as last time we tried unannounced and missed them.

We ventured from there North to Southern edge of Lincoln to some long time friends, the Pickering clan.  Wee man and Girly Girl have great friendships with Abi and Caleb, who are the same older sister, younger brother and about a year or so behind ours, they have built quite a strong bond of friendship, which we love to foster.  We do get on with Kath as well, as did we with our dearly loved, no longer with us Tim.  Many memories for Yve and I with Kath and Tim pre and more so post kids, as our 2 families have sought each other out and we have built over the years, regardless of where we all based, times to reconnect and share more memories.

Photo by Paul Green on Unsplash

We arrived there after turning off the A46 at the Central junction and not the South; North Hykeham, resulting in me stopping for fuel and needing from there to head through mostly central Lincoln at 4.30 at the onset of rush hour, absolutely bursting for the loo.  Arrived at their home after yet another missed turn, knocked on the door to announce our arrival and burst into their downstairs cloak, before I burst a blood vessel.  Nothing like relationships that are so close, you can get away with just knocking once, open the door and without hearing a response, a hello or a welcome hug use the facilities.  I hate having a small bladder and very little control.  At times I must seem like a man in latter years than someone in his mid forties the amount of times I need to find a loo to use, embarrassing sometimes really it is.  That little outburst, thankfully not of the blood vessel kind or other, aside we settled into some time for Kath and us to catch up while the kids without much by way of hello’s disappeared with their repsective partner in crime to resolve and catch up on the last few months apart.  A lovely meal of pulled Chicken, home made slaw and salad was shared and we then headed off for more R&R in the local park, kids playing any game imaginable and us adults chatting and sitting sharing and talking through anything and everything till the world had been sorted.  We came back to Goosberryfool, home made again, and some strawberries and Gala Melon, lovely, tasty and too good and definitely off plan, well I am on holiday, so it’s totally cool.  I am justifying it not only because it is holiday time but also because I do so much more activity and walking over these last couple of weeks so that in a small way and I do mean small offsets some of the overeating and over indulgence, well that’s what I am saying to it all.  Well on our way past the 1,000 mile mark and a short drive back from Lincoln, saw us conclude our 3 day marathon of driving and long days visiting family and friends, South to Northampton West to Matlock and a little North and West to Lincoln…

…and breathe.

Tomorrow is a planned down day as we have set aside time to rest and take stock ready for our adventure to conclude on Sunday, with the prospect of work for me ever a gray cloud hanging over these last days.