I Will Drive 500 Miles…Boston

So this was our rest day, some would argue if this was a rest day why are you driving then, well we had some errands to run as we have another detour on the route home to take care of and we were doing some research.  We’ve been in the Midlands area for a while and never visited Boston, have to say it is very A-Typical of the market towns that we have visited in the area.  We have been to Lincoln, Newark, Bingham, Radcliffe and a few others and the market place or main old town centre shopping areas are all largely the same, rather reassuring in a way as we instantly felt at ease and knew kind of what to expect.  Stop 1 and 2 were ok and we got what we needed and resisted buying more, due to space and packing restrictions already stretched.  We then headed into main town centre, much like good ol Glasgow Town centre, navigating the one way streets you are and are not allowed to go down proved to be frustrating with many a wrong turn, but eventually we parked, purchased all day ticket and off to explore.  Now rather hungry we stopped at “Seventh Heaven” no reason, just close and looked nice, that or Girly Girl spotted a rather nice looking Sundae being served and that swung it.  Couple of Salads and Paninis later, much later, and we headed out to find some shops and the now customary charity shops, of which there are loads.  It seems when we visit these places, Yve heads for the books and will glance at the clothes, kids will head straight for the DVD section and I will invariable wander looking for any wee gadgets or cool stuff and on our last couple of outings gravitated towards practical bags and a like, now got two more better serviced bags to enable travelling for the family, the latest is far more practical, small back pack to the front detachable and pull out handles to make the main a rucksack or the trolley case as well.

While we had been sitting WAITING on our food, I noted a couple of Jewellers and while fiddling with my everyday Diesel watch on my wrist, which my youngest brother bought me many birthday years hence, after 2nd strap is failing rapidly and 3 batteries or so later, was thinking with given birthday money and due from family was perhaps timely to avail a new everyday wear watch.  So I did.  I um’d and ahh’d over a few in a couple of shop windows trying to decide what I was needing, vs wanting and what was practical.  I have a really nice watch given to me at Christmas by Yve and that has been worn a few times here on holiday as everyday but mostly I like to keep it for date nights and special occasions.  This new watch as it’s every day wear intended is simpler and cleaner lines as well as a punch of colour in the blue face, couple of others I looked at were a little too plain jane and didn’t really jump out at me, Girly Girl, my new style magnate and decision maker of all things fashion, also said this one, so this one it had to be.

The drive was also a very interesting one, we did something rather new and prompted by the car journies of the last couple of evenings when the music playlist was requested it was denied by Yve and the kids were forced to have a conversation with us and indeed each other.  So interesting to hear Yve and I do most of the talking, prompted by questions the kids threw at us.  Most of them were sensible, where would you most like to go on holiday, childhood holiday memories, best Christmas, when did you learn to drive and so on.  Wonderfully listening as I drove to us recalling our stories of when we passed Driving Tests and why, leading to Yve telling the kids about when she was healed from Epilepsy, God being praised and hailed as victorious and our kids hearing amazing stories of God’s grace and mercy and faith as we journeyed.

As I drove, I thought about 2 kids heads leaned in towards the propped forward middle section perhaps realising as they listened intently to their parents recall stories and some of our best memories and recollections of times gone past.  Some of them about the great work God has done in their lives and others just about the best of times and also the worst of times as well that they may actually learn something for once if they, if we would all turn off the music, the device and connect more with the people and world around us, we might actually find out some pretty cool stuff.

Photo by Guillermo Sánchez on Unsplash