I Will Drive 500 Miles…Upper Saxondale

The final full day of our hoilday and we had scheduled to visit some friends who live close to the church we used to be Pastors of, Catalyst Church nee Wellspring.  The Culleys are a family we got to know through the Coffee Shop we opened for a season and since those first few lunches have become good friends and ardent servers and members of Catalyst Church, meeting right there in Upper Saxondale.

We went over for lunch in the village itself Upper Saxondale, Rob and Sandra had prepared what can only be described as a meteoric feast of sandwiches, delights and for those that weren’t driving a glass of Prosecco.  The Pickering clan, Kath, Abi and Caleb were there as well so a double meeting for them with us.  Headed off to the very local (2 minute walk) play park to picnic and play.  Always good to chill in the sunshine with some great food and even better company.

Since this was our last day I knew we had to get back to pack our stuff and the car ready for the trip home so we opted for Chinese meal out at our then favoured eating spot.  The Charde Oriental, Tollerton just outside Keyworth.  Funny Yve still gets text message inviting us to join them for their latest tribute act nights, even though we live north of the border.  Still they do fabulous food and the kids enjoyed the buffet starter and we chose some nice dishes, so all round well fed, great day and always sad to be finishing the day and even more so the holiday.  Back to Old Bolingbroke to pack the car and ready for the road home.  I have developed a new routine this holiday to pack everything the night before and then literally pack the whole car the night before with the exception of overnight bag(s).  So much better, even though this time it was gone 11 by the time I was finished and headed to bed, drive home north awaits.