Day 7 in the Big Abbott House

I did warn you this was not going to be an everyday thing… Come on I have just taken on 2 kids who are 6 and 3 you gotta give me a break here guys, it’s hard work and never ends.

You know how it works, 6.30 am they are awake if you are lucky they will play quietly and happily till 7 but you’re already awake so you are just dozing listening ready for that scream of “No, Stop It” or “I’m telling Daddy on you” or simply tears as someone has gone too far and the other is now in tears blaming the other for something that you being bleary and crusty eyed (I’ve had Conjunctivitis since Sat) have to decipher and mediate upon.

Then when you have them up since it is the school holidays, the schedule, well lets just say there isn’t one!! Breakfast is a chore, then you try and distract them from wanting the TV or their favourite Fireman Sam DVD, just long enough while your partner manages a quick shower, more to wake them up than for washing purposes. Tag your it, swap over and let them take over while you get a shower and a shave and make yourself ready for the day ahead.

Last few days have been quite good, days out with Honey are a regular feature as is the now infamous roundabout park, en-route with Honey walk, to which all you hear is faster, faster, or higher, higher from 2 very fearless kids. Funny since one parent is doing most of the pushing and the other is doing the freaking out at their kids being totally oblivious to the speed or height.

We did do Rushcliffe Country Park Easter Monday for Picnic with Sherrie, that was good, periods of playing endlessly then some food and back again, since Sherrie was there and flavour, I spent most of it lying down resting, or taking the wee man for a pee!! 🙂 Miniature railway and McD’s as a treat rounded off the day.

Interestingly the boy 3 has been asleep last few nights by 4.30 as we have been arriving home from whatever, be it ASDA or park visit, misses dinner, wakes, gets slice o Bread an Butter, stories, PJ’s and back to bed!! Ah the life. Funny you know how tired you are when you are nearly asleep as you are reading the bedtime stories, sad or what? He has taken to his 3 Library books, thanks Petrina, and they are read every night… “He Came with the Couch”, “Fred stays with Me” and “Mikos Magic Number”, the order is irrelevant but they are what is read. Girly girl is reading all sorts and varies night to night.

Today was swimming, we weren’t sure of the Easter Timetable so racked up all dressed and ready only to find we were half hour early for the general all swim times, no bother, local Cafe where Sherrie works for some tasty treats and then back to the swimming pool. Great time, we were all happily playing and practising swimming, climbing on me, jumping in, playing on the kiddie slide. Then they ask if they can go on the big slide, I mentioned due to restrictions only with me. “Yes Please” came squarely from both kids. Off we trotted leaving Yve behind, being afraid of heights she headed for the swimming lanes.

Once was enough the next time they asked if they could go on their own… so I asked the attendant at the top, as long as I went first and waited at the bottom for them, nae bother, done deal. For the next 20/30 minutes at least, it was a non stop, up stairs, down Flume, in quick succession, Me, the wee man and the girly girl. Me I went like a rocket, classic good pull/push off, lift yer Butt, shoulders and heels to the floor and fly. Wee man was excited but a snail, loved every minute of it shouting at me from halfway up the ride. Girly girl, was also seated but figured she could go faster by pushing with her hands, she made some splash at the bottom rivalling even me her 17 st 6’2″ father, the only thing that stopped them from being up there all day was us calling time to head home.

As I mentioned to my dad and some friends the other day as to how things were going, good days and bad moments, not good days and bad days, but just bad moments. We are all really happy, girly girl, is much more comfortable around me especially at bath and bed time, so that helps us all to have time together and they are both calling us mummy and daddy, like we have always been, even to the point where someone asked girly girl if Sherrie was her mum, “no that’s mummy and daddy’s friend!” came the matter of fact reply.

I love them both dearly and it’s strange to think that tonight is the 1 week anniversary of them moving in permanently, cause it seems like this is the way life has always been, early morning, full active days, and totally shattered by the end of the day!! No comments from people who really know us and say that the only difference between now and our pre kids life is that we now have kids being the reason for this, where previously we were very much our own makers of rods of busyness.

Need to sort the payroll out for our salaries or we don’t get paid. Night, night.