Adventures ahead

The future is bright and tonight I have made some massive strides ahead to developing a new avenue for Yve.

For some time now Yve has been wanting to showcase some personal and also products from other friends who create craft and sell their wares.  Yve does Crochet and also some other craft areas as well, really good stuff and so has been mooting ideas about moving that forward with an online presence to showcase the goods, both website and social media. was developed tonight as a test to see if I can develop the framework to allow this to move forward.  Consider it a proof of concept or proof of infrastructure development.

All the items are stuff we are trying to move on through current avenues GumTree etc, simultaneously I am putting them live on the new shop site, fully secure with PayPal as option for payment.  It also integrates and self publishes to the Kinnell Kreations page as well (again as a test to see working and suitability for cross promotion).

So if you could do me a huge favour and help with the testing and visit either the main website or the FB page and browse and even buy something (legitametly or pretend) to let me see how this would work from end to end.  I will be updating the site with other items as I add them to GumTree etc, so will update as the week progresses.

This shop page that has gone live is not the end product that Yve will be using as her storefront, that will come soon with it’s own unique brand and style.

Thank You.