Writers Block?

It has been a while since I have been on here and in some ways I wish I could put it down to writers block.

But I can’t.  I have had so many wee thoughts and stuff that I think, oooh I could Blog that and add this and that as images and etc etc.

As you will see I haven’t done much.  Why, well the Summer Holidays for 1 would be the most reason, that and just getting the time and inkling to sit down would be the other.

Even now as I write this at almost 10 pm, the thoughts I have are get tae Bed ya Mug, yer falling asleep anyways, and so I will more than likely in a few minutes do just that.

I suppose one of the things I will leave you with is this…

What you say your kids will pick it up and use it.  These past few weeks especially the last few days being in Scotland visiting and spending time with the extended Abbott Family c/o the wedding and Simpson clan afterwards.  Girly girl is more using Scottish words and phrases and also being more exaggerated with other words, putting on the Scottish twang.  Latest isn’t so Scottish but the phrase “for Goodness Sake” is tripped off the tongue of both of them all too often.  Even to the point of being annoying, deliberately so on Girly Girls part.  Another that is slightly more worrying is their tendency to say “what the” now I am not stupid I know the word that normally comes on the back of that and I have been asking myself when did I ever use that phrase within their earshot, if at all.

Mmmmm note to self be more considered with the speaking and the words/phrases etc used if you don’t want your kids going around using them like they are going out of fashion over the ensuing days and weeks.  Summer holidays are long but don’t feel so when we have so much planned by way of holiday and visiting family.

I’ll see what I can do by way of updating again soon.

Father Abbott