Too busy reading

One of my last posts was towards the end of Movember and in it I had my glasses on and indicated that I was “too busy reading”.  For those that know me, this will perhaps come as a poorly scripted joke, since I have never been much of a reader, never.  Made it difficult through school and Uni with the whole not really into reading thing.

BookwormWell with the introduction of Movember and the growing of the ‘beard’ and I use the term loosely there, see previous xx of Movember posts, I also decided, can’t remember why, to start reading.  The kids have been a few times recently to the library to get books, tbh mostly girly girl would read for pleasure not wee man, he onlys read school material and only to avoid punishment points, although he does quite well with his reading generally.

So me being the techy I decided I would look into eBooks and get them on my tablet.  Well for some reason this sparked a gold rush on books for me.  To date of this post I have read full on books, not piddly comics or books with pictures, and not the ones you read to the kids…8 yes that’s right Eight Books!!  Full on Novels and lengthy texts…

Earth Strike by Ian Douglas (Sci Fi book) was where it started, I like SciFi, Star Wars, Star Trek all that spacey and Sci Fi is something I am interested in, then couldn’t download 2 and 3 in the series since they are not available through the library e lending thingy so then moved onto; Killing Floor by Lee Child the first in the Jack Reacher series, for no other reason than I had heard the name and the recent movie with Tom Cruise and it intrigued me and I like the Bourne and Bond type movies and it sounded similar.

Couldn’t get book 2 at the time as it was on loan to someone else and I am a bit of stickler for reading these in order (so glad I did) so instead went onto a Biography; Steve Jobs The man who thought different by Karen Blumenthal, not an official one but a good read nonetheless.  Then went back to now available and checked out to me book 2 Die Trying by Lee Child and have just today finished my last book (#8 overall #6 in Jack Series) and started book #9 for me and 7th in the series for Jack.

Mrs is asking where her husband has gone and who is this bookworm with his face in a book constantly.