Things can only get better…

I told you I would back soon.

As if we needed anything else to change with our lives and our ministry, indeed in your walk with God it invariably does, mostly for the good, sometimes for the worse, but always for the best.

We are handing over Wellspring CGC.

Recently we have been feeling frustrated with where Wellspring is going, in the sense of we haven’t been getting a fresh revelation/vision for where it is going. Considering it has come to light that we aren’t supposed to be taking it forward, all of a sudden makes perfect sense. Thank God for that.

We came to Nottingham in August 2008 and that was with the sole intention of taking on Wellspring and moving it forward on the platform that was laid for us, officially from Nov 2008. Nearly 4 years later we are stepping down as Pastors and letting another couple run the next leg of the race. What a race it has been. We have had some amazing times these past 3 and a bit years. We are not leaving Nottingham nor indeed are we leaving Wellspring, Dave and Lizzi Baskeyfield are moving over from Stoke to take on the baton. We are excited about this new chapter and also being part of the new season for Wellspring under Dave and Lizzi.

So what happens with us now I hear you ask? Well even if you aren’t, we have been. Well you have to really when God speaks to you and the next part is not clear, don’t ask you’ll never know.


That’s what happens with us, nothing, not moving, not changing, not stepping into something new, not moving house. Nothing. Sometimes God is very specific and certainly with me I can discern quite easily what He is saying. Sometimes like when we moved to Nottingham, God was silent and not saying much, despite our best efforts to drag an answer out of him. At that time, the radio silence was because we hadn’t done the last thing that He told us to do, which was go (to Nottingham) we were still in Paisley, so you can see why he wasn’t for chatting. This time, though, God has clearly said, time of rest, step down from Pastor and just chill for a bit, you’ve taken on 2 kids, (who are wonderful by the way) and you have done all that I asked you to do re Wellspring, now take some time out.

We’re not very good at taking time out and for ourselves as well. So we needed…permission…which is sad, but He knows us only too well. Some of you I am sure reading this are thinking exactly the same thing, you know us well!!

It has been a long and hard road (rewarding and frustrating, encouraging and depressing) the time that Yve and I have been together, from a ministry perspective, so to be honest I am looking forward to just having some focus on the family time. This I am writing while chilling in my favourite Coffee Shop with my 2nd cup of Americano, just practicing for when we’ve handed over. Only thing missing, is not having the laptop for company but to sit with my beautiful wife. Miss you Babe xx.

So here’s to the future, as with God it is written but we have yet to experience the adventure, and what a ride he promises, I for one am holding on tight.