Remember, Remember the 5th of Movember


Well it’s Guy Fawkes, bonfire night and the night sky has been lit up, brilliant night for it cold, still, cloudless, haven’t been out this year perhaps we will another time. On the plus side Honey has been pretty good with all the noise, normally she would have been firmly camped under our bed for the duration shivering, perhaps the dwindling ability to hear has its advantages.

I am only taking the pictures as a visual catalogue, being light hair you can barely see it in pictures in the flesh it is better, well not for Mrs it isn’t. Really feel the hairs bristling as I run my fingers over my chin and face, the kids still think it’s hilariously funny.  Did find out that the place I normally get my hair cut does deal with trimming beards as well so that’s helpful. Having never done this much growth before I had to ask, not that I need any trimming for a while but good to be prepared.

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