Parting is such sweet sorrow

Well that was 2012 and what a year, how was yours?  We have some highlights that will be remembered for lots of different reasons, early part of the year we legally adopted Girly girl and wee man, closely following that was the announcement and meeting that signified the end of our being the Pastors of Wellspring CGC.

In the summer we had an actual for real proper holiday where we went away and didn’t visit family or go to a wedding or any other special occasion, it was good to get away and just be on holiday, yeah it had it’s moments but then so does life.  September was the actual handover to transfer Wellspring CGC to their new pastors and also more of a milestone saw wee man go to infant school, our boy is all grown up and in uniform, special moments.

Christmas was very chilled with Yve’s mum visiting right through the christmas and New Year, we all had a very chilled Lego building, Octonauts swimming, Dolly time, just what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately the year ended with more visits to said doctor than we would have liked to, mainly for me as I managed to acquire an e-coli infection not once, not twice but 3 times over 3 months, a trip to the hospital with a kidney infection scare and recently the doctor wants to do routine urology referral as cause still unknown and strange.  the year ended with only wee man escaped the winter cold/fluey thing that went round the family.

With Yve’s mum leaving at the airport raised an ugly response from the kidlets, that we are quickly beginning to recognise and try to work with, over the nearly 2 years they have been with us!!  Yes it has been 2 years this April…

The whole day was spattered with girly girl being more than moody, downright rude and quite disrespectful on many occasions in café’s and even in the car as well, to both Yve and her mum, wee man was alright during most of the day but when she was waving goodbye he shut down and would not acknowledge her waving and kissing goodbye, while girly girl was far more vigil and waving furiously.  Both kids find it difficult to say goodbye to loved ones, heck they find it difficult sometimes if we leave for a night out before they are put in bed, giving whatever babysitter is on duty a wee bit of a runaround.

Saying goodbye for all of us can be difficult, but for those kids who have been adopted it can all to easily bring up painful memories of how they have had to say goodbye to their birth family with no concept of ever being able to see them ever again.