Now you see it now you don’t

Well it didn’t take long after the end of Movember for the facial hair to come off.  As is no secret I wasn’t overly impressed with the facial hair on me and the family liked it even less, especially missus.  So we are back to the normal, clean cut, clean shaven Father Abbott we all know and love.

I have to confess there was a couple of times that I did like it, when it was just trimmed at the barbers, it actually looked quite good, trim and possibly worth keeping, but not that worth it so it’s gone.

So if you missed meeting me in person while I was sporting the Movember look, I am afraid the pictures on here are as close as you are ever likely to get.

I did take some pictures on the night that I shaved it all off a great before and after so that I could put them side by side, unfortunately this was while I was mid phone changeover from getting my own personal fixed, so they have been lost in the catacombs of time, sorry.