Nearly 5 Months and nothing, catch up

I have just been reading my previous posts because friends are beginning their adoption path, and I wanted to show them our timeline and let them see how we got here, been a while since our move and a lot has happened in the interim and yet not a lot has happened.  The previous posting was written in January as a Draft and never published so I may repeat myself here a little.

Time has gone on we have done all the usual and regular stuff, go to school, work, help out at Church, run around like taxi cabs on Christmas fares. However on the flip side there has been some other stuff as well, brewing in the background. Last I left you we were prepping for the move and it was not going well, the prepping or packing that is. The move went ok, we had good help over several days, having sometime between moving in new place and out of old was not good for the bank account but definitely was for the stress levels. We love the new house and all its 5 bedrooms, garage and larger garden. Downside 3 mile drive to school and all other amenities and no nice playpark area for kids to play, dog to roam within walking distance of house.

The bladder infection did pass although it didn’t and I took not well end of November with a more serious Kidney infection caused by the same e-coli strain as October which hospitalised me for 4/5 days, that was after I spent nearly a week in bed feeling miserable and lethargic and generally nyaff. Same infection now treated, sort of, got another exact same infection end of December and by now doc is getting suspicious with 3 infections all the same in 3 months, so we have on-going Urology assessments now pending for March and April. Still I feel ok and not recurring recently so let’s hope we have seen the last of that.

Oriana Climbing FortChristmas was good, kids got a ‘Fort’ courtesy of Grandma, which I had said would be built for Christmas and then saw the instructions and gave myself a break from that, now nearly March and we’re still building. We’ll get there, Rome an all that. We did well over Christmas with the exception of Yve who took another classic Yve cold/asthmatic chesty cough cold thing and was quite bad over the holidays. Another very similar cold/cough etc thing has plagued this family for the last 6 weeks or so, Yve got another one beginning of Feb and has again suffered, then I got a cold turned into Viral infection then proper Chest infection, slowly getting rid of it, kids had a touch of the sniffles as well as coughs, so all in all been quite a poorly wee bunch these last few months.

Glad to say we are all recovering and moving on with our lives, continue to thrive, doing well in school, jobs are, well mine is good, wanting to get the Kinnell Kreations business moving proper, Yve well she is on the lookout for a new position, time to move on so we’ll have to wait and see how that makes a difference. Other than that I am happy to report the Abbott Clan is well and happy and enjoying our time as well family.

What we have to look forward to is some time with extended family in Glasgow and Aberdeen over Easter as well as a couple of weddings possibly, summer is not far away so thinking through holiday plans and also work parental leave schedules to childcare. I won’t make promises I can’t keep about writing more and sooner, since looking back history has shown I am poor at that, all I will say/promise is check back again you never know when the urge will take me.

See Ya soon peeps.