Memory Lane

Wow what a couple of days, trip up to Glasgow to get fitted for the kilt outfit c/o ma brothers wedding in July, turned into quite a trip down Memory Lane, in a good way.

Flew into Glasgow airport, bus into Paisley and then walk through to friends for overnight stay. Paisley on a Sunday night isn’t very busy, but the amount of empty vacant and disused shop units is frightening. Light on the landscape was when I rounded the corner to see the CGC Paisley building so nice to see it again 🙂

I must at this point give some credit to Paisley town council as I was impressed with the advertising in the empty shops trying to tempt and entice new business in, very good.

Today was cool had coffee with Roslyn in the CGC office then walked past The University of West of Scotland, Paisley Uni to me. Then on a train into Glasgow Central from Gilmour Street then 62 bus back to Mum and Dad’s in the East End. With the exception of the kilt fitting which is the whole reason I was up here, it was just like my old days of studying when I was at Paisley Uni and did that very trip every day for 3 years.

So much nostalgia for the bus ride out, started with the newish bus but old coin thing that you put ur fare in. Then there was the route home, past the Barras, through Parkhead past the Forge shopping centre where I used to work in the ASDA, through Shettleston where I would often take mum in for cobblers, and to repair my old leather school bag, eventually getting off at Carrick Drive, Mount Vernon and that short walk to Mum and Dad’s house.

As I remarked to Mum and Dad normally when we visit we drive off the M8 J10 then straight to the house, becomes a bit detached almost. But today was like old times, the bus route itself has hardly changed, the people certainly haven’t but the landscape certainly has, dramatically in some areas. Places where buildings were, are just gaps and landscapes are now sprawling flatted developments.

Progress and the amount of time that has passed, change is inevitable, I am not the same man that made that trip every day, so if I am allowed to be different and improved, cough cough, then why shouldn’t good ol Glesga toon.

Still felt like home though. Guess it will always be to some degree, you can take the man out of Scotland, but you can’t take Scotland out of the man!!

Flight delayed so got more time to immerse in the Scottish banter… See you soon.