June Road Trip Day 8

I think today must be categorised as the slowest and least eventful day of the entire trip,  we got up similar time as recently, we all stayed in PJ’s till about 11/1130 and then finally got our act together and left the house about 1230.  So the entire morning was spent going absolutely nowhere and doing absolutely naff all.  I love days like this, sometimes!

We did some shopping in the big city with the kids something we don’t often get the chance to do given our situation.  They are generally very good at holding our hands and staying close, we have had a few occasions where wee man has decided to go off and disappear, stern words and well chosen scenario description and he’s never done it again.  Girly girl is so nervous the only thing she is guilty of  is trying to touch everything in the shops that she passes through.

Girly girl is going to be a saver, having a gift card to spend at Claire’s Accessories shop was always going to be a lengthy process, she went in with Yve and was totally not sure what she was supposed to do and couldn’t believe it when she had the choice of the entire shop, no restrictions.  Interesting what happens as we teach the kids the value of money and how they each react with a little pocket money and a gift voucher to spend.

All Yve and I got with our BHS Voucher was a new Suitcase…. BORING!!!…  Yes it is but practicalities are a must when an £80 26″ Expandable Trolley Case is not only reduced to half price but with a further reduction to £32 then with our gift card of £20 that £80 suitcase cost our account a measly £12!!  The one that we brought with us was bought from Matalan some years gone by and has finally lost all integrity (holes in the corners), internal structure (Plastic Stiffening in corners), stitching (Corners and other places) and on this trip even the zips were beginning to stick; we shall miss you fond Blue suitcase, but not too much.

The shopping trip was punctuated with several trips to the loo, not me for a change, but Kain, something he ate in the last few days disagreed, and we reckon holiday food and schedules play havoc with his other ‘routines’…

Home to the lodge for a quick stop pick up the Ironing board and Iron and head to skinny blisters for some lovely lasagne dinner.  It is really nice being able to be up here for these few days pre wedding as it gives us all another chance to see each other connect as a family and for me to sort out some quick DIY tasks.  The most interesting being the garage roof that leaks even when there is blazing sunshine, answer about a foot long 3″ high garden on the roof of the garage.  That would be the answer to dry day leaks.  Wonder how long it will take my nephew to notice the other wee change I did?  You’ll need to let me know sis…

Kids are all washed, nails done and ready for their big day tomorrow, despite this being a wedding it is also a chance for many on the Allison Clan (Yve’s Family) to see and meet girly girl and wee man.  We are all looking forward to the day with wellies packed and outfits pressed, we shall go to the ball.

Chilling out after what must be the lowest amount of mileage day of the whole trip, even our last days; dinner bed and breakfast at Chez Gran and Grandpa, Sunday and Monday will be Aberdeen to Glasgow and Glasgow to Nottingham respectively so today at a staggering 21.8 miles (no I haven’t mis-placed the decimal point) is the least amount of driving I have done since leaving Bingham and I am still knackered, how does that work?

We actually have some time this evening pre wedding and are looking forward to the trip to Turriff with some delight.  There will be some debate within me as to whether you will get an update tomorrow evening post wedding since it will be late when we get back and we are travelling to Glasgow and need to check out by 10am, so don’t hold your breath.  Either way thanks for checking in and see you soon.