June Road Trip Day 7

Well today was always going to be somewhat different since this was set to be another travelling day.  Aberdeen was our destination and determined to get there we were.  I started typing normal there and then deleted it realising there is nothing normal about our holiday and who is defining normal anyways….so any hoo usual day started with the kids trying to scare Grandpa as they launched into the living room at 0800, we again stayed in bed, well why not are we not on holiday as well?

All had breakfast and got sorted, dressed teeth brushed etc, got to have somethings that never change and morning/bedtime routine is one of them, whether we are on holiday or not, the timing definitely does but what we do doesn’t.

We managed to set off from Carrick Drive, around 1130 and headed for Glasgow Fort, which is just off the M8 J10, we needed to see if we could get some wedding shoes for girly girl and Yve, since we had not managed as yet to secure them in our various travels to shopping venues back home.

Interesting foot note, wee man got his shoes nae bother c/o Next, Leicester and I have my obligatory wedding/dressing up/I hardly where them any other time shoes in the back of the cupboard.  Why is it so difficult to get shoes for the women in my life!!??  We did manage to get some shoes for girly girl and some shoes for Yve for the wedding, girly girl has some specific shoes for the wedding and some other plainer white ones to go with a lot more of the stuff she has in her wardrobe as well as another pair of sandals that we got from TK Maxx which are for running around in and go with a few outfits she has.  Yve manages to get 3 pairs as well!!  Wedding included I have to add.  In her defence the shoes she buys will last her years and the ones for girly girl well they weren’t too expensive and won’t last more than 3 months anyway.

Enough of shoes…

We got on the road, snacking all the way thanks to Mum and Dad for providing yet more food for us to graze on as we travel.  Bit of a wobbly round the M73 as I headed North, normally I am on the M8 then M80 from Paisley, but today was leaving from East End Glasgow.  Got cold feet and came off M73 too early seeing a sign for M80 and realised after doing that, a U turn and some words of wisdom with Yve that I should have just stayed on the M73 as it now feeds into the M80 and therefore heads North anyways.  In my defence it has been a while and they have been making some major changes to the roads.

Arrived at the Lodge in good time, about 4pm just right for check in.  We are at the Deeside Holiday Park in a 3 Bed Sycamore Lodge.  We have stayed here before last time we were up in Aberdeen only last time it was 2 bed.  Lovely wee place and is about 10 minutes away from Skinny blister house so super convenient to have space and yet be close to family.  All get unpacked more fully this time since we need to get out all the wedding stuff as well since much of it needs pressed, having been stuck in the car since Friday.

We get ourselves to Aldi’s for some holiday supplies and then off to sister in law for make your own pizza, and hugs all round.   Always good to catch up with family.  We are all looking forward to the weekend although it has to be said we no longer have any holiday weather, it is misty colder and distinctly less summery.  Still our spirits will not be dampened.

Back to the lodge and Yve is busy pressing shirts and blouses ready for Saturday, since who knows what tomorrow will bring, she is such a wonderful wife and I am so blessed to be married to her.

I have had another look at the speedometer and am now thinking we will more than likely pass the 1500 mile mark since today as we stop for the evening it is reading 801, our arrival here marks the half way point, almost, of our road trip and mileage so I feel more confident that the 1000 miles for this trip is a distant memory.  We won’t do as many as the 800 on the return back down to Bingham since we did quite a few days of travelling while in Glasgow, on our way back down it is simply a Dinner Bed and Breakfast at the Carrick Drive Hotel, although saying all of that not sure what we are doing tomorrow and still have to get up to and back from Turriff c/o the wedding on Saturday.

So if you want to find out whether my initial projection was right or my revised, you’ll just have to keep checking in till June Road Trip Day 11 to find out :0)  See you soon.