June Road Trip Day 6

This was an altogether quieter day, normal sort of schedule the kids getting up when they like and spending some time with Grandpa, while Yve and I lie in a little, semi awake, semi sleeping, enjoying some more quiet time.  Once we are all sorted we were off to meet Evah and her 2 youngest girls Angelica and Anastasia, otherwise known as Angel and Nana.  Evah is a wonderful friend, and it has been great spending time with her to just chat and work out some stuff.

We enjoyed a nice lunch at the Bobbin Mill in Linwood.  We were there on Monday with Ann, which was nice and like then we booked, girly girl and wee man into Fuzzy Ed’s for some play time.  Monday they could only get in for about half an hour, today we were in there for more than 2 hours.  Apparently in all the time Evah has booked her kids in there, the staff have never ‘chucked’ them out when their 1 hour booked time is up.  So we all sat and chatted while all 4 kids were all over the place in the facilities open to them.  Good times.

We got home to Gran and Grandpa’s in good time for a nice home cooked meal.  Proper home cooked Shepherd’s Pie, Red Cabbage, Carrots and Beans for the kids, followed by Mint Vienetta, although technically it was Cottage Pie, since it was Minced Beef.  However I always called it Shepherds Pie, despite knowing the difference these last few years, I didn’t have that knowledge when I was a lad.

Once we were all cleared up and the kids organised with their stories and off to Bed, Dad, Mum and I played a new game that they got called ‘Carcassonne’  which is a board game based on something medieval and French, sorry for the very non technical specifics, google it if you really want to know more.  Mum and Dad saw the game with some friends they made on their recent Adriatic cruise and bought it themselves.  Good fun and apparently there are add-ons that can be purchased to extend the basic.  We played after about 10 minutes of reading the instructions, then as each move was made read them again.  So the early moves took quite some time, made some mistakes, with farmers but that’s to be expected with a new game.  All told I came first then Mum and then Dad dragged up the rear.  It has a time limit and is very loosely based around a dominoes type of play, once all tiles are used or discarded, game over, whoever has most points wins.

Since today was just a short trip over to Linwood and back the mileage is not that much different from yesterday, although saying that we are still up at over 622 for the duration, so on day 6 we have averaged 100 miles per day since leaving Bingham!!  I know it doesn’t quite work like that since Day 1 was over half of the current total in one fell swoop, a bit skewed me thinks.

I tell you I am becoming well acquainted with the M74 link between J3 and J1 which links me right at the extremities of Glasgow’s East End with the Centre of Glasgow and a quick jump to the Paisley/Glasgow Airport where most of our rendezvous’ have been, takes about 20/30 minutes to do the journey and that is with a steady 65/70 the whole way through.  You really noticed the difference today through the rush hour avoiding the Kingston Bridge I’ll tell you, luvin it.

Tomorrow sees stage 2 of our Road Trip the Aberdeen leg, up to Peterculter to stay in the lodge booked and then a couple of days of our own time and some with Lesley, Mum Simpson and the kids as well as the Wedding on Saturday, so looking forward to all that.  Till tomorrow and  adding another minimum 140 miles to the clock and at least 3 hours on the road.  We will try to get in some shopping tomorrow before we go as we are still missing wedding shoes for Yve and girly girl.

Till then as I will be writing from far more Northern reaches, au revoir mes amis.