June Road Trip Day 5

Right here I am with some time to spare at last, shows how busy holidays can be.

We had organised yesterday to be a time with grandparents type day, last time we visited the grandparents we all went to the Glasgow Science Museum.

This time, with it being the summer, we opted for an outdoor option and this was to head to Kelburn Castle and Country Centre near Largs.   Memories I have of this place is going on the zip slide and tree top walk, adventure course, many hours of fun with my Ayrshire cousins.  Great weather we had, now I know Scotland and great weather don’t often go together, but they did for this day.  Shortly after arriving we cracked open the cooler box and chowed down on lunch then we headed off to enjoy the park and it’s facilities.  My mum commented that the place hadn’t changed much since what she remembered.  I too would have to agree it was looking tired in places, the kids still thought it was great fun and Grandpa had some good video and photos to keep as memories.

We left there moments before the forecast rain came down at 1600, which for possibly one of the few occasions was more than accurate as it was timed to almost perfection.  We headed for a wee village in the Ayrshire countryside, to visit Mum’s sister Sandra and my younger cousin; Jill, her husband; Kevin and their 2 boys; Dylan and Jamie.  A fantastic day all round as we got the weather on our side and we were able to schedule a visit to some extended family, something that Yve and I were keen to do on this occasion.  We have quite an extended family of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc on both sides so it will take us a long time given our location etc that we can get to see them all, Weddings really help and we have the one in Turriff at the end of the week which will help to get a lot of Yve’s side of the family to meet girly girl and wee man.

We rounded the day off after the kids went to bed with Dad going for a carry out Chinese for Yve and Dad, Indian between Mum and I.

So we have so far travelled to date just over 584 miles with the round trip through the Ayrshire countryside and back today.  You may notice the fuel tank as well we had to fill up outside of Jill’s since we were on the red at that point, thanks to some sensible directions to the Kilmarnock ASDA (thanks Jill and Sandra) we were able to refuel and get home safely.

So that concludes Day 5 of our round trip.  More friends to visit tomorrow and catch up with and then home for a home cooked meal and chill before heading to Aberdeen Thursday.