June Road Trip Day 4

A relaxed day this one, well to start with anyway.  Since Dad fitted the makeshift blackout on the kids windows it has helped to keep the room dark at night but also first thing in the morning also so they don’t get woken too early, really works well.  They got up just before 8 and then could be heard in the living room with their Grandpa, chatting and asking for all sorts of things they know they’re not allowed normally, think that is grandparents prerogative.

This morning as I was lying in bed dozing sort of listening to the goings on, I was reminded of the times when my parents, brothers and I all stayed over at my Grandparents in Birmingham as we travelled sometimes just to be there but often as we were travelling through to somewhere else.  I recall the times when Phil and I got up early with Grandpa and crept downstairs and watched him as he got coal for the fire and told us stories of old.  It brought happy memories and especially as we have come full circle now I am the parent and my children are in the living room with their grandfather being taught stuff and generally just soaking up the family time, love it.

We left about noon ish to head for our old street we lived on prior to moving to Nottingham.  Showed the kids the old house again, then the short 30 sec drive up the road to the Roe’s, now a fully fledged family of 5, Colin, Sandra, Samuel, Nathan and Grace.  Here we spent the rest of the glorious afternoon, girly girl and wee man played happily along side the Roe boys with Cousin David in for the party as well.  Most of the time the kids were in the garden enjoying the sunshine on the trampoline, swingball or other play items were all well worn.  The fun was shared as some of us adults were requested to extend the bouncing ratio on the trampoline well fun.

We left there and headed for the Bobbin Mill in Linwood to meet up with Ann, a chance to catch up for a chat with Yve and Ann doing majority of the talking.  Good food, good company and a chance again for the kids to be energetic and work off their dinner.

Another good but busy day here in the ol stomping ground, with friends, just short of 470 miles on the clock now since we left Bingham on Friday I am predicting that we’ll punch past 1000 miles by the time we get back to Bingham, perhaps more.  We are headed to Largs perhaps Kelburn country park tomorrow perhaps a trip on the Ferry to Millport with Gran and Grandpa which will be good.  Wed is another visit to a friend in Paisley area for lunch before we head to Aberdeen on Thursday to have some time up North, to prepare for the Wedding Saturday on the farm, fun to be had by all.