June Road Trip Day 3

Sunday was always going to be a good day, but also a busy one.  This was being billed and planned as the day that we would visit CGC Paisley the first time for us in a couple of years and also the very first time as a family of four.  Whenever we visit Paisley having ‘grown up’ here as Pastors and leaders, it is a very memorable place for us and a lot of people we love and who love us.  Part of the reason we have not visited with the kids has been that we are generally mobbed with an army of arms and hugs that come flying towards us as we get to the top of the stairs and this happens whether people are forewarned or if we surprise them it matters not.

Great worship, kids were a little clingy and holding close at the beginning, but that is to be expected.  Towards the end as they headed off to Children’s church and they were very well behaved and didn’t need either Yve nor I to be with them and that is huge, testimony to how well settled they are not only in themselves but with us as parents as well, Praise God for the prayers have worked to bring them to this stage.

Lunch was with the Pastors Neill and Fiona at IKEA, we had our favourites Meatballs and fries.  Wee man didn’t eat much since there was so much on offer after the church service, so it’s not a surprise that he didn’t.  They had a great time in the Smaland for about an hour, which gave the four of us to have some NKT to allow us some good time together.

We then had a short step at Matalan, since we are still in need of wedding shoes for girly girl and Yve for the show at the end of the week.  Then it was on to McDonalds, Linwood since there we could sit with Nomes, Amanda and Dave and chill out while the kids came and went in the play area, Free is always welcome in our book, the play area.

A lovely day all round, time with friends and very chilled little time pressure.  End of Day 3 almost 426 miles on the clock and we
are well on the way to the 1000+ miles that I am sure we will do on this holiday, enjoying it.  We have a slow morning tomorrow leaving late and having some lunch with the Roe Clan and then onto some time with a friend for some dinner.