June Road Trip Day 2

Well what a night, girly girl fell out of bed and cut her head slightly, trying to hug the wall, which cause the bed was facing the other way wasn’t there.   Got them all sorted after a tearful session about 1130 and then to get them up at 630 am, can’t blame them really the sun was up and the blinds in the room are not very effective.  Finally let them get up about 830, breakfast with Grandpa and then up for showers and get ready for photo shoot.

Had a houseful as Andy, his wife Sarah and Sarah younger sister Rachel were all here, supposedly to help!!  Mum Simpson came down from Aberdeen as well to join in the festivities which was nice.

So lots of shots were taken in all the usual and some not so usual poses.  Yve and I on our own, with the kids, with both sets of grandparents, both sets of grandparents with the kids.  Wee man was done close to the end refusing to co-operate, besides that he had been very good the whole morning, sitting as asked and smiling in all the right places.  Does help when all else in the picture are smiling and Andy was ready for a shot as the smiles towards the end were brief.

Packed up some lunch and off to Balloch House Country Park for some outside shots.  Beautiful scenery and lovely backdrop.  Some of us running up the hill and also walking too, natural as poss and as I said stunning backdrop.  Down the waters edge, some of the kids playing in the park and some on the jetty and yet others as we tossed stones in water.  Again wee man started acting up towards the end, he’d had enough by this time.  However Andy did start using the good ol’ fashion film camera while we walked back to get some last minute shots of wee man and girly girl walking.  A wonderful day with Andy and Sarah Lynch, nice to see them catch up and if some of the pictures we did see are anything to go by there will be an amazing collection to be had.

Back home to a BBQ with Gran, Grandpa, Uncle Matthew (my younger brother) and Auntie Fiona, his wife.  Lovely evening with family in the late evening sunshine.

Total so far 367 miles, tomorrow we travel to CGC Paisley to meet up with friends long not seen and lunch and then who knows, but plans will be made for the rest of the time in Glasgow area.

Good night, been a long but wonderful day.  More memories to be made tomorrow…