June Road Trip Day 10

Well you can’t be surprised I did tell you that you’d be lucky if I posted last night.  Wonderful Day we had at Sawmill Croft, Forglen by Turriff, the rain stayed off and the wedding went superbly well.  We got there in good time and had time to sit in the car and munch some premade sandwiches, always a must with weddings especially since we’d been travelling since 11.  All done and we head down to the festivities, a cow shed/barn now transformed into a wonderful wedding venue, suitable for getting wed, seating and eating for guests and then Ceilidh dance.  I may be able to post some pictures of the transformed barn, but I ain’t digging out the camera just now.

There’s not much more to say about the wedding day, you have the ceremony you congratulate the bride and groom, you sit down and eat the meal provided, you chill out with family and friends while they swap out the eating tables for dance venue, just this was all on a farm and most were wearing wellies, not your usual attire accessory for a wedding, especially in Summer, but hey this is Turriff Summer and this was no ordinary venue.  Mileage on the clock was 915, no picture I was too tired to care and take a picture.

Today, was a quick check out, supposed to be by 10 but we didn’t make it till gone 11.  Combination of tired and getting up later than we needed to, lots of work to be done to get the car packed up again.  Off to School Road for a cooked brunch, to set us up for the trip south.

Swift travel back to Gran and Grandpa’s house, not really any traffic to worry about, and the prospect of  a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings was quite a pull.  Some sensible packing on my part and only had to pull some stuff out the car to allow all concerned to be set up for the night.  All done and they are all packed up in bed.

We’re nearly there on our tour, we have travelled as far North as we are going to and tomorrow we head South back to home in Bingham, we passed the 1000 mile marker today on our way back from Aberdeen, 1066 bit too spooky but that’s what’s on the clock, if you have been doing your sums through these days that I have been blogging, you will know that we are well past the 1000 mile marker since we are only in Glasgow and we have circa 300 miles still to travel before we are back in Bingham, that’s not including any detours, like the last one suggested which was via Brisbane Australia!!  How we got from a wrong turn on the M73 north in Scotland to the other side of the world is beyond me?  I am quite sure having done the route quite a few times, that there will be no wrong turns on this route South, and definitely not that far south, 300 is enough I will do those several thousand another time.