June Road Trip Day 1

Been a while coming that we have booked some time away, this has come as a result of a cousins wedding at the end of this half term week and yet it is Friday 1st June kids have inset day so we have travelled to Gran and Grandpa’s, my Mum and Dad, to stay for a few days before heading up to Aberdeen and then the wedding in Turriff  on Saturday 9th.

This visit will be peppered with family time, us and extended, as well as seeing lots of CGC Paisley folk, Sunday and beyond, who have not seen the kids at all nor us for nearly 2 years.  So to say we are all excited is an understatement.

Got up today around 9 Yve fed us all with cooked breakfast, Thank You Yve, nom nom, then onto the packing this was elongated more so cause I was trying to have the kids help as much as poss and they were being taught how to pack suitcases with shoes to the bottom and light stuff on top.  Girly girl said to wee man; “that’s so we know how to pack for holidays when we are older.”  God Bless em…

We’re driving so we always take more than we need, but also we have the wedding to dress for and also the holiday so we’re packed in the roof box as well as the boot.  Honey is as usual gutted that we are leaving and her stuff hasn’t moved, but we know that JC is coming over to House/Honey sit, so she won’t be alone for long.

Trip up was not bad, 2pm we left the house, stopped at Morrisons to fill with Diesel and check tyres, this doesn’t count as a stop since we have only travelled 5 miles to our local Morrisons.   1st proper stop Uttoxeter McDonalds, only been on the road less than an hour, since wee man decides despite going before we left he needs to pee.  Since we have stopped girly girl takes advantage and goes too, as do I.  Off we trot another hour in and I have to go, AGAIN.  This is not uncommon for me especially when drinking water, which I have been doing since we left Bingham.  This was quick and I mean quick, so much so I stopped car ran to the services loos, ran back to the car and then off no more than 5 minutes, engine stop to engine start.  Don’t ask me where this was since I was so quick I didn’t even look.

We’re 3 hours in now and it’s dinner time, the original plan was to eat dinner with Gran and Grandpa, that plan was shot to pieces the moment we left Bingham at 2pm instead of 2 or more hours earlier.  So we feed and let them run off some steam and stretch those little legs.  We are hoping they crash after feeding but that doesn’t happen!

Last stop Glasgow East End, 310 miles and 7+ hours since we left Bingham we pull into Gran and Grandpas, all still wide awake and delighted to have arrived.   The kids are generally very good with the time in the car, they do get bored but then don’t we all, they thankfully didn’t do the ubiquitous “Are we there yet” which I am sure I drove my parents mad with.  Girly girl spends most of her time asking where are we, to which the answer “here” does not help.  To be shown and told where we are on the map is the required answer.  Wee man did pepper his verbal thoughts with “Daddy, I love you” and “When will we be at Gran and Grandpa’s?”  Somehow the different question still has the same annoying effect, after 200 miles.  After he asks how long I give an answer usually followed by; “How many elephants do I need to count?”  It doesn’t matter what number I tell him he rarely gets past 22 before he proudly announces he’s done.

Grandpa gets to show off the bedroom with new bed and linen especially for the kids, car is emptied with the exception of wedding and Aberdeen necessities, and we’re in and settled.

Tomorrow is Family portrait time with an old friend, Andy Lynch, he is good, don’t get too excited about seeing the results as you know I can’t do that, sorry.  What I can promise is to write about it and tell you all how it went, I know it ain’t the same but you’ll get over it, you’ll just have to.