Inspired by my World

It has been some time since I have updated this site and while I have had inspiration and musings that would have been worthy for one reason or another they haven’t made it onto these pages.  Lots I could tell you, not the time.

Fathers Day here in the UK and it seems appropriate and inspired enough that I have come on to share.  Among the presents I received from my family, a Teenage Survivor Mug, Smellies or more accurate shaving gel and moisturiser, cards from both my kids and the Black Panther on DVD.  The one that really caught my attention and has me brewing with joy and indeed challenged was the pictured frame quote that reads…

“To the World you are a Dad, to our family you are the World”

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a words person, your words build me up and they also cut me at my ankles and cripple, my own words to myself also are powerful, likewise I choose my spoken to others words carefully and feel deeply when those words spoken even remotely seem to harm, even if only by my perception.

So receiving this is wonderfully poignant and apt from my beloveds.  Strikes me in this climate of Men’s Health as well as wider Mental Health that I write today.  To someone you are their world, for you not to be there, they will most definitely suffer and feel very lost and the grieving process will be hard.  Do not take lightly the interactions and relationships you have no matter how short or seemingly insignificant.  To those children, that partner, that pet, that barista serving you coffee, checkout operator you often see, church member you promised to visit, yes that person you bothered to spend 2 minutes out of your day, to them, you matter.  Often we think of ourselves, in a context of role or job or position or place in society or even crudely the ‘food chain’.  We need to be more than that and live our lives more like it really really matters to people that you are still there with them, for them, serving them, served by them.

I am inspired by this not only to write again, but more than that to continue a weight loss journey, to strive to be better, to strive to be more here and less always somewhere or place else, be more present and less just a presence.  I often have moments with my wife and kids where I see unadulterated adoration that I have chosen to be with them, that I have chosen a path by their side over all else. I admit through their eyes I am a better person than looking from this side, I’m not perfect but I am challenged to see my worth form their perspective and less from mine, as to do so creates infinitely more worth and therefore a reason to be.