I Will Drive 500 Miles…Scarborough

Took a wee day trip to Scarborough today, both Yve and I have been at separate times in our childhood, but never together nor as a family.  My memory of Scarborough is of an outdoor pool with massive symmetrical slides, that went up a hill that you climbed and then the slides came down and ended in a large fun pool.  Didn’t go or find that one today.


Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash
Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

We took a drive right through town, following some signs towards the South cliff and then on towards the North and from there back along the actual sea front beach and down to the harbour, where we drove the full length seeing all the quiet beach spots and the busier traders, ice cream selling booths.  Found ourselves a space close to the harbour and had a spot of ‘on plan’ lunch.  Onwards walking this time past the harbour and towards all the shops and the tram at the other end.  Main reason for going was to do the whole seaside village shop scene.  Wee man and Girly Girl wanted nothing more than to go into the money pits called arcades and lose pounds, sadly this daddy wisnae taking a gamble on that option.  We did visit a few curios shops with some tasteful and some not so tasteful artefacts, you know what I mean here, so some of it was diverting certain persons attention away.

We stopped for some freshly made and sugared doughnuts, definitely off plan.  Then after sitting a while and watching the Pirate Ship tour go out and in a few times, off for an ice cream, again so far off plan I’ve forgotten what plan I was supposed to be on.  Hey it is my holiday as well.  Back to the car and then a slow drive back along the sea front quick stop at the local Tesco to purchase some supplies to cook dinner and back to site.  We took a walk later this evening because it was getting late and we didn’t want to go to the show and spend more money on over priced drinks and sweetify the kids at that late hour, opting for the fresh outdoors walk and then earlyish to bed, ready for an onsite day tomorrow.  Girly Girl has Segway Activity and Wee Man has the junior version the following day, so couple of on site days and then probably Friday more miles and off site again.