I Will Drive 500 Miles…Old Bolingbroke

Well on our way past the 500 mile marker now.  Left site this morning in what has been characterised as the least stressful packing and leaving site in the Abbott Family history.  This is the time as recorded accurately as I was leaving the reception area, having already left the van and driven to the reception to hand the keys in.  Photo taken of my watch as I was walking away ready to depart on our journey South East to Old Bolingbroke and our 2nd holiday destination.  Ignore the date on the watch, it hasn’t been right for years and ceases to want to stay in the right date regardless of how often I set it.  Check out is 10am, nothing unusual there, most hotels and guest accomodation have an early checkout to allow cleaning for the incoming guests.  But this was me as I said all done, packed driven up there and dropped off the keys and out walking back to the car all with time to spare, so stress free that I even had time to take a picture of my watch.  Amazingly unheard of and very welcome.

Next stop another holiday tradition, don’t have breakfast at the site/accomodation etc, pack and go to a local establishment and eat a full cooked breakfast to set you up for the travel North.  Last year the local on site restaurant did breakfast, but not this year, so we opted for a local Filey establishment “Filey Bistro and Coffee Bar” which had some good reviews on Trip Advisor and Google so we plumped for that and boy we were not disappointed.  Lovely full breakfast for all that wanted, some hot coffee and juice.  Well fueled, we set off from there.  Plan was pre set for me by looking at the map and planning the route South South East A165/A1305/A164 to Humber Bridge and down to Lincolnshire from there.  SatNav programmed to avoid Tolls and I was a little concerned I had done something wrong as I ignored Sally SatNav for the 1st half hour, as the most direct route was not my intended.  When she started me off towards the M62 that’s when I pulled over and consulted the map to discover Sally SatNav was headed not towards the Bridge but inland away in to avoid it.  Sack that I said, reprogrammed hit the A63 and blasted towards the bridge toll and £1.50 expense cutting 30 minutes minimum off my time of arrival.  Feeling better and more confident of the new route we pushed on.

As the mileage shows and the fact that I am writing this, we have arrived safe with our hosts Alison and Graeme, or ‘Alison Chickens’ as they are affectionately known to our 2.  Comes from a very early visit to stay with them while living in Chelmsford as we visited as one of our earliest overnights with the kids.  Their main and lasting memory is that they kept chickens in their modest suburban backyard, now less modest and more sprawling would describe their accomodation and the chickens certainly can’t complain.  Lovely dinner and been for a most leisurely stroll around Bolingbroke to round off a decent day all round.  Not a bad view for the week here either.

Won’t let me upload so see it here on FB!!