I Will Drive 500 Miles…Northampton

Not been on for a couple of days as these were setup to be our busy 3 days for driving and also for visiting people.

So this was our trip to Northampton to visit my Brother Phil and his wife Jax, they live in a nice Victorian style house with massive sloping garden, they’ve been there for I think 12-15 years now and it is unrecognisable from when they bought it both inside and out.  Well we have a 4+ hour round trip for this only about 200 miles or so all told, so was always going to be a beast of a day.  Price you pay to connect with family, better than the round trip from home in Paisley anyday, so let’s keep in perspective.  Arrived there about 1230 had some light salady lunch and then we all went out to Stanwick Lakes which is a local wildlife and adventure place, lots to do for all the family nice wee cafe as well as the Adventure Obstacle Course we all did.  The kids even had races with more energetic and younger Aunt and Uncle who also did some teaching on the Army way of getting all your team over the larger climbing walls, so was educational as well as physical exertion, really hot sunny day, so we had to round it off before we left with an obligatory Ice Cream.  We did have some casualties, mainly me as I was trying to get out of the tunnel section and awkwardly mid knees to standing up while trying to get out of the end, went forward stumbled took a roll and grazed both palms and my left knee, diverted the rest of the course in favour of not inflicting more damage.  Although I have lost almost 2 stone, my fitness and stamina levels still need some work.

We enjoyed some time back at their house, admiring the garden and enjoyed a BBQ dinner and more salad items to round of a perfectly wonderful time with family.

It is in times like these, despite leaving there about 2140 and recognising the 2+ hours of a drive late at night ahead of me, that I realise more of the importance of making time for these connections.  They don’t happen on their own, it may often feel like it’s one-sided, i.e. you are doing all the initiating to get the meeting, but pushing through to see the joy my kids have reconnecting with family they love to see and indeed whom I appreciate seeing and spending time with makes all the difference.  I truly believe, especially and more so where many miles separate you, that there is more to be gained from these times than the effort and tiredness and angst that may be associated with them.  Day 1 of 3 long days was complete, phew, shower and bed and do the same tomorrow…