I Will Drive 500 Miles…Matlock

So this was my Birthday, yip 21 again and thank you to all that wished me Happy Birthday either personally direct or on FB, much love.

So I spent my birthday yip you’ve guessed it driving, today was about 160+ mile round trip and again due to the nature of the cross country travelling was still a 2+ hour one way trip.  This time it was Mrs family, cousin and Uncle to be precise.  They have 2 younger kids, 1 nearly 3 and the other daughter is 9 months.  We arrived again about the 1230 mark and landed to a nice cheese board, salad nibble type of lunch, light but no less pleasant and tasty.  We then took the opportunity again as it was a really nice day to venture out as a group to a local attraction, Whitworth House, where we could let the kidlets do some running around getting some much-needed outdoor run around space and where we as adults to rest and see some droopy kids get some much-needed Vitamin D.  We again ended this little outing with a much-needed refreshment and ice cream, see a theme here…

We rounded off back at their pleasant wee cottage with a traditional chip shop dinner and much to my surprise a nice Victoria Sponge with half a dozen candles to represent my years on this planet.  Delightful dessert was had by all and with their kids being younger and already up well past normal bedtime, we left Matlock about 1930/2000 to the kids being ushered to bed, quite hot and somewhat grumpy, their kids not mine.  Well actually Girly Girl did not have a so pleasant ride back.

We had a not so pleasant drive home this time, which was marked by Girly Girl complaining of a headache and sore stomach, we know she doesn’t drink enough, a lot, hardly any so we immediately knew this lack of fluid, was more than likely partly responsible for her know flagging temperament.  So resolution, drink her juice provided, wind the window down and get some cool air on the face, look forward in the car and relax.  Nope, none of this suggestion was either relevant, helpful or what was wanted to Girly Girl and she proceeds to kick off, whinge and generally bemoan the advice given.  So I wound the window down for her (praise God at times like this for all round and lockable access to rear windows) and nigh on forced her to take sips every couple of minutes to assist, not gulp, sip! After about a 1/4 of the bottle she displays the result and admonishes she is complete, not by a long shot, more moaning, tears and ‘I’m being cruel and mean’ are beckoned from the rear seat.  Wee man is allowed some tablet time as he is just to boreded to care.  We got the sipping and Yve and I resolved that after 2 days of driving and visiting people, lot of hanging about and little, as they would measure it, stimulation, all coupled with hormonal teenager was more than likely a large mishmash of circumstances that attributed to the overall just plain done, daughter.

We got home safe and sound and with all the juice gone and some very tired Abbott members we headed off to bed and relaxed.  Day 2 of 3 long days was complete, 2 people to see tomorrow, but not so far to travel and the 2nd was more anticipated than the first but both important for different reasons.