I Will Drive 500 Miles…Filey

It’s Summer 2018 and we have a 2 centre family holiday to take care of, this for us usually involves a fair amount of driving.  The last one I recorded was “June Road Trip”.  This one sees a fair amount of better and more thought through preparation, staring with me prepping the car for travel, roof box etc from the Wednesday night onwards, vs the normal morning of travel.  That is only part of the reason why have never been able to leave before Lunchtime on Travel day and invariably arrive at destination all too late, tired and hangry.  This time the car had a roof box, air in the tyres, fuel in the tank and was packed with all but absolute essentials on the Friday night.  We left the house to travel to Filey via Chorley by 0915!!  I know unheard of, when I told Dad I did say, “now don’t fall off your seat”.  Fortunately for me he was already seated and remained surprised but calm.  The drive down was very uneventful, not really much traffic to speak of and was altogether one of my best trips ever in terms of time spent on the road, traffic congestion and overall finding my destinations.


Time of arrival was 1715.  Initially you may wonder why did it take you 8 hours to do 350 miles if roads were good and little traffic issues.

Well I did say we had a detour off the M6 to Chorley, some detour, yes I’ll tell you about that one another time.

I do like to check the settings, bit of a geek, to see if I can get more mileage out of the tank and better overall mpg when doing these trips and while I did use Cruise Control I find that in 6th gear with lower revs, Big Sam does worse than if she were in 5th Gear and higher revs, so I did play about with that on the road down, hence the seemingly varying started with 435 range did actual 350 miles and ended up with only 41 range!!


So we made it to Primrose Valley Holiday Park and firmly camped out here for the next week, lovely van with views of the sea and beautiful sunshine to boot, who can ask for better from Yorkshire coastline, with direct foot access to the beach and most all required amenities on site it’s going to be a great week.  Off to book some activities for the kids and see what entertainment is on at the showbar.