I Will Drive 500 Miles…Bridlington

Well that’s us done the 500 miles and we’re not headed home yet, still another week to go.  We had another day today without anything in the diary activity wise etc and since we didn’t visit Bridlington last time we felt that we wanted to visit the places closest to us.  Sewerby Hall and Gardens was as far to Bridlington as we got last time.

Yesterday was an on site day and we had an activity booked for wee man at 2pm; target shooting, air guns for 10 years old upwards.  We spent the morning going for an early dash to the wee mini mart for Milk and then relaxed DVD morning, lunch and then I took him down to the lakehouse for the prebooked time.  He likes this kind of thing and doing Archery a few days before he proved to be quite a good marksman.  Well quite good is an understatement, out of a group of 9 he was about 4 or 5 overall in the ‘as many shots as you can in 3 minutes’ round.  Scoring a very respectable 13, better than that as we entered the second of the competitions, closest to the centre, classic fire one shot each and closest wins.  Well he only went and won with a shot in the 5, see the evidence, he had to mark on the target which was his as another camper got a 5 as well but Wee Man was just a bit close in the marking.  Well done to him, so proud.  Spent the rest of the day on the beach as accessed from our end of the site.  Great day.

So yes Bridlington or more to the point the road there saw us move across the 500 mile marker.  We liked Bridlington, would go back and spend a day on the beach there next time.  Parked at the harbour and took a wander as we are apt to do round the shops and especially charity shops, like a good rummage we do.  Lovely sunny day again, rounded off with an ice cream each of epic proportions from a local sweet shop that’s been there since 1905.  Back to the site to pack before we headed to the on site Lakehouse restaurant for a meal as we’ve packed all the food and it’s just easier for the last night not to think about cooking and packing the car, ready for the next leg of our journey.  Tomorrow sees us leave Primrose Valley and head for Old Bollingbroke and ‘Skylark House’ for a week of rest and travelling the length and breadth of Middle England visiting family and friends.

So in the Immortal words of the edited song; I will drive 500 miles, and I will drive 500 more, just to be the man who drives a thousand miles taking my family on a tour.

So see you on the other 500 miles of our Summer drive.