I survived… well almost!!

Well the main reason I am not on here for a while is the well documented and understood phenomenon known as the school summer holidays.  Some look forward to it with excitement, willing the summer term to end so that they can all go on holidays and not get up so early.  For others the Summer Holidays spells endless weeks of trying to figure out what to do with their days and how many local amenities and entertainment centres they can actually get away with visiting more than once.

Me I am still not sure what camp I fall into.  Initially, I was really nonplussed since off on Adoption Leave, the whole prospect of having the kids off for all that time is no different than daily life at the moment.  The only change was that Girly Girl was home more than she wasn’t and the day and half I got without wee man, just wasn’t.  On the plus side, major plus side, no alarm early calls.  

We had a trip to Scotland for my Brothers wedding, which was uber amazing, on the banks of Loch Lomond, kilted all the way, beautiful bride, cute kids and a georgeous wife on my arm.  We weren’t there for long, a little less than a week in Scotland, time with Skinny Blister, niece and nephews, rounded off the trip, excellent.

The rest of the summer days were filled with…  life…  seriously didn’t exceptionally plan and schedule days here, there and everywhere or anything majorly.   Yve and I just did life, we just did what we normally do, only we got up later and went to bed later, all of us.  Our days were filled with trips out yes, and we did meet up with friends, we also had 2 grandparents visit and also a BBQ with me other brother and partner in Northampton.  We helped friends move from Maldon to a house near us and with them comes 2 kids who love playing with my 2 so we were quids in there.

I am really quite chilled about the whole saga of the Summer Holidays, ask me next year when I am trying to juggle work and the kids time off as well and my opinion may change.  Am I glad wee man and girly girl are going back to school and nursery?   D’uh of course I am, girly girl is moving up to the local Junior school and wee man is in 3 full days a week instead of the original 1 + 1/2 days he was in.  Yve and I still get our Thursdays off together, only I gain another 2 days where I can do all the stuff I want to, sorry scratch that catch up on all the household chores, yes that’s what I meant to say!!  Ahem, cough, cough…

Both wee man and girly girl are well settled with us and enjoying all that life in the Abbott household is offering, so much so that at the last review meeting a fortnight or so ago, the question was asked; “so when are you applying to the courts?”  To which the answer is since that meeting, all the papers are lodged and we will have a date to legally, formally and more importantly forever have wee man and girly girl as Abbott’s.  Will post the date on the countdown thingy when I know it, expect October some time.

So we were back on School schedule this morning, well almost.  Wee man was in for his first full day of nursery, but girly girl was not in school as they had an inset day.  Uber weird walking to school this morning with both of them, don’t think I saw a single other family out walking to school with their toddler, almost thought I had the wrong day, like I did last time.  Luckily another 2 fathers and their children arrived 2 minutes after I did, so that was relief for them as well as me.

Tomorrow it is all swap as girly girl is in and wee man is not.  Fun part is first day at Junior school for girly girl, so that will be a longer walk for wee man and I and also perhaps longer as she gets settled in there.  Then Thursday kicks in and we really do hit it head on as they are both in, not on the same site either, 10 mins walk apart.   Fun Fun Fun.

So that was the summer holidays over, like for all families love it or loathe it, they can’t come quick enough and they are over before you know it.  Strange new season of time for us as we move more and more into this parenting lark that we are facing new challenges and as the time on Adoption Leave ebbs ever away, the prospects, opportunities and decisions loom ever larger ahead.  Note to self, enjoy it while it last deary as when you are back it’s just that bit more challenging and demanding and you can’t get it back again…