I am still alive…

Hello my name is Steven and I have not posted for nearly 4 weeks.

Makes me sound like an alcoholic doesn’t, I had my last drink…

I am writing a quickie, just to say I am alive and I am still here and I haven’t forgotten about y’all.  Just that the last 4 weeks including the mid term break here in sunny Nottingham has been happening and there has been a lot going on.  So much so that the will to write a post has not been there, lo the mind is willing and can think of many and varied witty things to write about as well as poignant and emotional things, but sadly the body is weak.

It is 1135 now and I have had a night of NCIS (just one episode “Obsessions”), freezer defrosting, tall freezer (added for emphasis) drawer cleaning in the bath and necessary church admin.  Oh the joys, Yve was out with the ladies for a meal hence the NCIS, finish this and then the dishes need cleaning before bed.  The freezer has a large chunk which will fall mid way through the night and I will be astonished if half the house don’t freak out when it happens, or even the floor is not flooded despite my best Duck taping efforts, and copious towel distribution.

Love to you all and I will write again soon, he says knowing full well as does his audience that this may or may not happen 🙂


Bless You, n Hugs
Father Abbott