Habit forming …

For about a year now Yve and I have been working on our weight. We decided collectively on a weekend away in Feb 2017 that we needed to work on our weight and this our health, this Father ain’t getting any younger ye know.

Well took us till about May to join a local Slimming World Group got stuck in and almost 2 stone lighter and much has changed. Specifically habits, things that were acceptable or permitted no longer feature. Take my lunch for example. Year or so ago my lunch box was filled with my daily snack and lunch. That would have been 4 chocolate biccies (2 for morning tea break and other 2 for lunch) 2 slice sandwich ham and cheese, 2 packet of crisps, 1 piece of fruit if you were lucky and probably a can of full fat/sugar coke/Bru etc.

Now it’s salad or healthy soup no sign of bread at all, 4 pieces of fruit, light yoghurt a baby bel, lighter crisps, only 1 packet, a hi life bar and a small choc like Freddo item for a treat. Water washes it all down and on a special occasion can of Coke Zero. Very different and very satisfied. All meals from morning till night have either adjusted or vanished. Feel so much better, you should try changing something, be brave venture out into the fearful unknown, it may actually be really good and benefit yourself and those around you.