I was at a meeting just last night and when the meeting finished some of the folks there were asking after the kids.  They have been some of the people who have been asking a lot about the process and how Yve and I are doing amidst it all.  Funny one of them asked if I had any pictures of them.

At this point of course I said, do I have pictures?  Yes of course I have pictures I am the PROUDEST parent in the world, I have several photos that have been transferred to my mobile for just such times as these.

So out comes the HTC Desire HD and shows off some of the pictures that we have of them.  I showed some of the ones that I have taken since they arrived as well.  The main ones I troop out are some that were taken professionally, before they came to us and they do put them in the cutest light, uber cute.  They don’t do justice since you struggle to get a perspective on how small/slim/petite Girly Girl is and also how much smaller wee man is and when you have them both together you don’t see it.

Anyhoo I also have some other pictures of them while we have been out and about, one of them sitting on a large rock near a play park we visited.  Another of wee man in the bath with his name spelled out above his head (bath foam letter shapes) head and shoulders only very discreet.  Wee man at the opticians with the measuring glasses on so funny.  Both of them at wee man’s nursery fancy dress party, faces all painted and looking fierce and princess like, so stereotypical of them both, wee man was the one looking tiger fierce, by the way in case there was any doubt.

I have them on my phone because I do love to look at them and know they are close when I am not there.  I have a picture or 2 of Yve in my wallet for the same reason.  Call me a sap, all you like it is who I am.

So can we see photos on here, I hear you ask?  We want photos?

Due to the nature of the adoption and their situation, that is not going to happen on here, not by my hand, you won’t see them here or on Facebook or any other public website place.  I am also very careful as regular readers will know that they are never directly referred to by their actual names, girly girl and wee man are their names as far as this blog are concerned.  In a funny sort of way as I write this I actually feel it adds to the mystery and excitement of the whole thing.

I have considered and wondered about making the blog private and only allowing access to those members, family and friends who have requested and been given a login.  If I go down that route which as I say I am considering, I may look at being more open about sharing names and pictures, although as far as names are concerned most of you reading this know girly girl and wee man personally and by their real names.

Feedback on whether I should or not go private with the blog please.

For the moment I am loving the whole process it is moments like last night when you are proud to have pushed through and stuck at it, through all the heart ache and hassle, it has definitely been worth it, I would not change anything about how we got here or who we got.  We are now the Abbott family of four and we are a very happy family indeed thank you very much.

We still get comments from people we meet all the time especially when they know that our kids are adopted that they look so settled, calm and very comfortable with Yve and I.  Even more amazed when you tell them how long they have been with us, 12 weeks as of yesterday!  See I am still counting weeks, because it really has been that short a time.  It is only by God’s grace and by the prayers of his people that a) we got here, b) we got who we got and c) that the way that we are as a family continues to be so delightful, challenging, exciting, scary, hard work, long hours, rewarding and encouraging.  Sort of describes every family that has kids doesn’t it….?  We are no different, we just got here by a slightly different route than most, but we did get here :o)



Father Abbott