Day Three…

Well I was tired, still am. This was less hectic and tiring than day 2 which was quite heavy in terms of the content and so today there was a slight apprehension as to what to expect, but today was quite a bit lighter and we even finished early which was a bonus. Not hugely early just a half hour or so, but nevertheless early it was.

We have been getting on well with the other 7 couples on this course and today we passed on each others contact details and it is hoped that many of us will keep in touch with each other as we all progress through our adoption process.   It is interesting for Yve and I as friends of ours in Paisley who did the Adoption Prep Class in Paisley at the same time as us have just had an Adoption hearing that confirmed they are legally adopting a young boy.   It is exciting as we have walked with them through the process which has been about 2 and half years from the time of going on the Prep Class.  It gives Yve and I some frame of reference as to what we can expect, not that our situation will be the same as our friends as all circumstances are very different.

There are a couple of folks there who are alredy fostering and working through that, the 2 couples have been doing that for some years and it has been helpful to have them as part of the group as they provide an invaluable insight that we as ‘not in the system’ are not aware of.

I do feel very different doing this course than I did the previous course in Paisley, not really sure why, perhaps there is more of a focus from us this time than previous, not sure, will work that one through.

We have only one more day of this course left and that is Saturday, that is not the end of it though there are some other day courses and time at a local family centre all of which is part of the process and then there is the fun and games of the P.A.R. which constitutes the Home study report which is very extensive and will form the basis of how and indeed who Yve and I can eventually go on to adopt.