Day 30 in the Big Abbott House…

I think both Yve and I would agree overall today has been the worst day since girly girl and wee man moved in.

There has not been a single incident to help classify today as horrendous, it has been a constant whining, grumpy, obnoxious, unco-operative, deliberate, tiring, incessant, non stop barrage of complaining that has made today just NUTS.

I feel like just going AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! and disappear for a couple of days.

Yve and I had planned to go up to Lincoln today, do some shopping get the kids some new shoes some new clothes etc etc.  As you can imagine that plan never really got off the ground, here’s how the planned day actually ended up…

  • 0655 – kids woke up and amused themselves.
  • 0815 – Yve and I finally decide to get out of Bed and Yve takes them down for breakfast.  I went for a shower.
  • 0900 – Breakfast over and time to get dressed ready to walk Honey.

Wee man kicks off first with refusal to get dressed, then Girly girl starts acting up.  Yve is supposed to be getting in the shower, but doesn’t get a chance.   I take over and don’t have any better luck.  We decide that I head to the Post Office to see what has been delivered since we are sure there may be something for them from family members.  This may help as an “if you are good you can get” type reward.

  • 1100 – After much upset and whining we finally managed to get out the door to take Honey for a walk.

By now Yve and I have decided that trip to Lincoln is not going to happen, so we decide that if they are good enough in the park there and back as well as during they can get the gifts sent from Oz.  That worked ok and we gave them the gifts and decided that we would go to the Coffee Shop for Lunch and then out to somewhere more local for shopping.

  • 1230 – After some argy bargy on the way to the Coffee Shop and even more when we got there, we cancelled any ideas of travelling any further and decided that today was a stay at home day.

Maybe it is just us but you would think that when we are trying to do something nice and give them a treat that this would be a good thing and that they would appreciate it and co-operate.  Obviously they missed that memo!!

  • 1400 – We leave the Coffee Shop, more agro just trying to get out the door.

We did some stuff at the house on bikes and moved the cars so that the kids could run their bikes and scooters etc on the drive.  Went quite well for the most part, more time to fall out and get upset.  We did do another round of presents ‘from family to welcome them’ so now wee man has a scooter as well.  However when he went to the loo we had another unexplained full on crying session for about half an hour.

  • 1730 – Dinner was organised by Yve and we all sat to eat.  That went ok.

I suppose the latter half of the day was better than the first half, but the latter did have it’s usual fair share of downs as well that we expect.

We definitely feel that this was not a good day.  Trying to work out the why’s and what on earth, but sometimes you just scratch yer head and just admit that you are not going to know, you just have to work through it.