Business is booming

While the economy is still trying to recover and find it’s feet I am pushing the boundaries, both personally and in many other ways.  Having officially started the Kinnell Kreations business over a year ago, registered for VAT dealt with HMRC for NI being self employed etc, you may recall I fell quite ill.  Well 12 months on and after much gnashing of teeth and personal reflection Kinnell Kreations is getting a new lease of life, or should that be I am getting my butt in gear, whichever way you want to word it, things are moving forward.

The whole grand idea behind it was several, provide for the family, be more available to the family, work for someone that shares my values and principles (that last one was more about the last company I worked for I left because I struggled with practice’s and management, actually in fairness the present company I work for is showing similar signs of lack of core values, another reason why this is being pushed) enjoy life really, doing something I am good at and can achieve well in.  So Kinnell Kreations is finally becoming a business that is doing something and it feels good.

I have been working a lot on the background infrastructure, website, marketing materials sales material etc, at the same time I have been out the last few weeks in Bingham and surrounding handing out fliers/business cards and generally introducing myself and the business, you know what the early signs are really positive.

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