Blessed are the Flexible…

…for they shall have a better time on holiday!!

Interesting times as we are currently on holiday during our half term week, spent the night at Mum and Dad’s then onto Aberdeen.  This is a proper holiday, not that the last one for the wedding wasn’t but that was different, we came up for a purpose not just for a holiday, we leave here on Wednesday and back down to Mum and Dad’s till Saturday.

So here we are in South Deeside Holiday Park, chilling and hanging out with the cousins and grandma.  It has been a great few months as we have tried so hard to build in routine and schedule and we do this then we do that, so much so that wee man gets confused and upset if he has a bath or shower before dinner.  It works, and they need it from a stability point of view, which is what they have been getting recently, not that they didn’t in their foster care, (which was excellent btw).

We are on holiday and there is NO schedule, it’s worse than the Summer holidays where at least we were at home in our own beds and own familiar surroundings, here we have to accommodate and fudge and try and blend into another set of rules and schedules.  Take bedtime routine for example…

Dinner on the table for 5.30pm (or as near as)
Immediately after wee man has excused himself from the table, it’s upstairs for a bath/face wash, into pyjamas and then down for a book and bed, by 7pm at the latest.  Girly Girl is usually not far behind and same for her and into bed by 7.30/8.

That is regardless of school night or not.  Now we are not the Contented Baby crew, we have been known to drop the teeth cleaning or even a bath/wash if things are not right.

Here on holiday and indeed last time we were in Scotland away or even Chelmsford which we had cause to recently, the timing of dinner for a start can and has been later and with our lodge being 5 minutes away from Skinny Blister that adds to the mix.  We try and keep to the same dinner then bath (every other night) and then story and then bed, but that can be elongated and protracted and with them getting more and more tired doesn’t help cranky ville.

Add to that the fact that while they are away from home they are both up at 0630 and will not go back to sleep!!  What’s wrong with that I hear many parents cry?  Well consider that normally at home I wake them up at 7.20 in the morning and I don’t mean they are up and just not out of their room, I mean they are properly sleeping and not aware I have entered the room type sleeping.  Even at the weekends and days off they can easily run till 7.30 even 8 sometimes before either of them surface.

Despite all of that we are having a great time, the kids have on the whole been really well behaved and loving all the time with the cousins and also seeing some of the extended family and also some of Yve’s old houses and hang out, tiring work all this travelling and seeing new people and new things.  So the moral of this little tipple is be flexible and willing to bend especially when on Holiday as that will make for a more enjoyable time for all concerned.

May update while at the ‘grandparents’ get better chance of being on their Wi-Fi…