8th of Movember


I suppose you could call this my Bah Humbug face, don’t really have any reason to be making the face, certainly not that upset about anything especially not Christmas, guess I am just trying to be different bit of variety.  Before the month is out I can have as many faces as there are emoticons…could be my next challenge, eh.

I have noticed either consciously or subconsciously that I have been stroking my face a lot more, not the noticing but the stroking is either conscious or subconscious, of course.  It’s weird and strange since I am now over a week not shaving and I am noticing all sorts of things, the feel of it, the way my jowls feel scratchy when I bend my head down, the look in the mirror, the colour of the hair itself, the patches where it grows more vigorously than others, why it does that, do I like the look, does anyone else…and so I go on strange experience but then I think I am only doing it for Movember and then we’re done.  I do also have days where I argue with myself that since I am not following strictly the Movember rules as laid down nor getting sponsor money, what is to stop me just shaving it off???!!!

Pride, commitment, integrity, self belief, self discovery, the challenge, the reason for even entering into this, loads of things some intrinsic to me others bolted on for a season, will pass as the blade does over the features soon to be erased as will their meaning, the others are carved and etched into the very core of my being noted in the wrinkles and lines on my face and sought from deep within my eyes, never passing always present.

The jury is out from me personally on the features growing out not my chin, time will tell or perhaps it will only solidify what I already feel!?

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