it’s only been 8 weeks…

I couldn’t really have a blog that focusses on being a new Father and not post today being Fathers Day (UK), could I?

The title is about the fact that I seem to be reminding myself that it has only been 8 weeks since the kids moved in.  Why do I keep needing to remind myself of that well, cause it feels like we have been doing this for many years.  We had a few firsts recently which remind me this is all new, not least of all my first Fathers Day as a Father myself, I’ll come back to that.

Although we collected and moved the kids in during the Easter Holidays we had our first school holiday period (half term break) having begun to get into a routine with school/nursery etc we now faced the non structure of the holidays.  In the end it wasn’t as bad as we expected, filled all the days with allsorts, like Girly Girl’s birthday party as well as flower girl shopping ,obviously not wee man!!

Then another first just this weekend, we had our first trip away from home as we all travelled to Maldon, Essex for a Pastors Day and special service for CGC Maldon as they welcome in new Pastors officially.  Felt like it was a bit of dry run for travel to Scotland for ma wee brothers wedding end of July.  Should have been a 2 and half hour journey, picking up from school heading straight to Maldon.  Took 4 and half hours, partly due to weather, traffic (Friday afternoon on the A14) then add the stop for some food at Cambridge Services, they did sleep for most of it and didn’t really give us any bother while they were awake, so that part was better than expected.

Sleeping arrangements were going to be interesting, 1 double bed for us and Lilos and sleeping bags for the kids, wedged either side of our bed.  Not bad except wee man snores all night and both are incredible fidgets and don’t tend to sleep in the same position all night.  Couple that with our own anxiety and nervousness, I hardly slept at all, they did, though not as long as they needed/could have done.  So chalk them up as firsts with the kids, we now have more confidence and tools in the belt to work with on the Nottingham to Scotland trip at the end of July and also more nights in ‘hotels’ all sleeping in the same room.

Then you have Fathers Day.  Got 3 cards, Girly Girl gave me a Blue nose bear, wee man had a picture of Spiderman on the front and commented about being his Superhero.  The last one was from Yve saying how much she is appreciating and falling in love with me again as she watches me work with our kids.  Being a words man and Yve knows it, what is given is not as important as what is written inside, tearful.

Had a good conversation with my own Dad this evening as well as without him, I wouldn’t be a Dad and if only for that one thing I am eternally grateful.  Good on days like this to touch base and just recognise and appreciate those that are in your life.  It was also nice to connect with other fellow FB users as prompted by my cousin Jill who posted about her own dad, my Uncle Alan, who passed away nearly 20 years ago, and just honour these men in our life.

I hope you have connected with your father today, even if all you can do is visit a favourite place that you and your father shared.  I am lucky enough to have my Dad still here and available to me, for others this is not possible, I am now more thankful that my kids have me to look to as their father, that is a privilege that I now treasure.

Bless You.