6th of Movember


Another day another whisker, or three, you can get a sense in this picture how long it takes me to grow anything of worth. It has to be said it is coming on all be it slowly. I run my hand over my chin and jaw line and it is getting past the prickly stage and more towards the soft stage, or perhaps that is more because of the bald patches I have noticed as I investigate the parts other beards don’t seem to reach.

I still don’t have any growth to attach the facial hair up past my ears to my hair line so this could be seriously ridiculous in a week or so time as it gets longer and more prominent.  As I look in the mirror I am somewhat glad I am choosing to grow not just a moustache since I can barely make that out, the most prominent and noticeable growth is on the chin, although sometimes when I look at myself I just see someone who hasn’t shaved for nearly a week and to be honest really should. But then is that not the point of Movember, its not supposed to look rugged and hewn it is supposed to look ridiculous and just obvious that you are always clean shaven and for some reason you stopped and it really isn’t a good look for you and that prompts questions and debates and raises the awareness…

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