3rd of Movember


Well day 3 how you doing? I’m good, really feel like I have bidirectional hair growth now, I’m not so excited about it as it is still really patchy.  You probably can’t make out from the photo, but here’s a brief rundown…

Top lip – even throughout and dark in colour depending on which way the light hits it.
Bottom lip – same as top perhaps a little light on coverage but across full extent of lips surface.
Chin – good overall coverage this is where it is most evident and good coverage.
Jaw line – the chin coverage extends half way along the jaw line then peaters out, at least consistently on both sides.
Jowls (under chin) – immediately beneath jaw bone good after that gets a bit patchy.  I have a childhood scar right on my chin underneath so nothing grows on that patch anyway so at a disadvantage to kick off.
Sideburns – strangely but not surprisingly almost non existent. Another reason why I have never attempted bearded status, never in my life and not for lack of trying in my formative years has anything of note grown from the hairline past me ears, depressing really.

Comments from the family…Wife Yve says I am getting a bit prickly, did I mention she is not keen on the beard or any facial hair.  Girly girl adores and loves it, was touching my face and lip like a baby explores a father face when something is different just to make sure it is him.  Wee man at the dinner table tonight, “I don’t mean to be rude daddy but you’re beard is the same colour as the side of your head is, light!”

So Abbott household is very divided on the subject of Father Abbott facial hair…

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