2nd of Movember


This is what could commonly be known as the, ‘see I do have some growth there’ pose, usually postulated by prepubescent boys in the school playground as they jostle to puff their chests in manly prowess.  Not usually the pose of a forty something who has nothing to prove to anyone…

I was right though even at this early stage you can just about make out the whites are going to put on a brave fight against the colours. It’s only stubble but girly girl loves it, me I’m not sold at this early stage, too patchy for my liking, will reserve judgement until a few more days in.

Question for the beardies among you, how do you cope with that little bit on each bottom corner of your mouth that as it grows you can curl the lips inward and almost chew the hairs there?  This is one of the things that annoyed me when I grew a goatee, I can already feel myself getting irritated. I will probably have some of my friends saying we don’t you’re just weird and probably agree it is why I have not till now grown facial hair and indeed should not beyond this month.

Progress is progress though been this long before when I have been ill in the past few years so not bothered just now come mid week when it has been the longest I haven’t shaved in many years then I will probably begin to get annoyed and grumpy about it, it’s a challenge and an experience.

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