1st of Movember


Well here we are November already where has the year gone. Moved a lot recently now really settled and although no never have I am going to participate in Movember.

Now I have some reasons for doing this and some caveats. This is a global thing where men across the world grow a moustache to highlight men’s health, why, because we as men (generalisation coming) are very poor patients.  We get a cold and call it man flu, we discover something not quite right and we feel the need to man up and just muscle through and ignore it,  as a result men, women and children are losing husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, partners and friends to illnesses and conditions that if we just man up and visit our doctors and discuss these early warning signs early enough could be prevented.

The other reasons I am doing it is because I have never really grown facial hair, not seriously. I did at one point some years since past grow a goatee quite well.  My wife doesn’t like facial hair so that has been a big part of my not doing so, so partly I simply want to see if I can, will it turn out like so many of my friends to be ginger and not my natural hair colour, although at the moment my hair colour is turning grey so that raises another question will it just be white??

I am nor following strictly the rules of Movember as that states we must be clean shaven on the 1st (last shaved morning of 31st) and also we are told to grow and groom a moustache only, no goatee no full beard (going for the full bhoona beard) I will have it groomed and perhaps once I have a week or so growth will perhaps get creative but for the moment day 1 and we’re gonna see how this grows.

Will also try to commit to posting daily selfies taken at roughly same time to document progress. Join with me in the fun side men I personally will look very different and not feel very comfortable but then it’s a small price to pay to highlight a more serious issue.

Father Abbott soon to look like Father Abraham…