17th Movember

Trying to keep it going, had some fun this morning on the way to school.  Wee man is not good with not being given the lead and being told something other than what he wanted so we started our school walk with sourpuss walking a wee bit back.  So as usually works I begin a distraction technique.

I began with loudly, so wee man could hear, asking Girly Girl if she could hear the grunts of the ‘lesser spotted grumpy bum’ easily recognised by the loud stamping of feet and intermittent hmphing noises that could be heard. This worked a treat and a couple of minutes later I started to ask did she now recognise the ‘lesser spotted laughy bottom’ again could be known for similar markings but very different call of laughing not hmphing.  Then shortly afterwards we met some school friends and another opportunity to spot the ‘greater breasted showy off’ again very similar markings but this one has more arm movement and dances a bit more while still laughing.  The final one I mentioned I sometimes see is the ‘red faced nippy knickers’ I did say to girly girl I hadn’t seen one of them in a while but she easily guessed the anology. So much fun they d all the way to school and were still talking about it at the dinner table with Yve.


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