16th of Movember

Standards have been slipping…or is it just human nature to be inconsistent sometimes. I was doing quite well keeping up to date every night but then a busy weekend hits and it all goes to pot!!


Does anyone remember the programme with Grizzly Adams?or Big Foot and the Hendersons? These programmes are what came to mind when I saw this picture.

I have noticed that my face feels kind of weird…no really, I wonder why, I hear you cry!! What I mean is when I rub my face on a collar of a jacket for example or even just rub my hands over my face lightly, which I appear to be doing a lot more than I used to, it is almost fluffy and detached from my actual face, very strange, well it would be I have never been like this before, very intriguing.

For the record, despite wise cracks about growing it longer till Christmas so that I can look the part and other more encouraging “I really like it” comments, it will be coming off on December 1st without fail, it just isn’t me and it certainly ain’t growing on me, if you’ll pardon the expression. Furthermore the missus doesn’t like the facial hair thing, so for all those reasons, mainly I don’t like it and neither does my beautiful wife it comes off after Movember. Sorry to disappoint!!

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