11th of Movember


Well I did say I was heading to the barbers today, that was an experience.  Gents Lounge in Paisley I have been going there ever since coming back up to Paisley needed somewhere to go, spotted a good friend in there and decided if it is good enough for them then it is good enough for me, and so it has been.

This is quite a bright picture is it not, it makes me laugh when I see it as looking in the mirror I thought I have more hair on my chin than I do on my head now and I am not referring to the balding patch on my crown!!  Glen did trim the beard a little took those annoying little bits from the very corner of my mouth, appears to have left the bulk of the length and just tidied up under the jowls and sideburns, so we soldier on, very apt considering today, thank you to those men and women past and present who helped deliver the relative democracy and freedom we so take for granted today…

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