Who is Father Abbott?


I really should tell you a little about myself.

I am Steven Abbott and by day during the week I work as an Office Manager for a Building Contractor Q Build Ltd based in Paisley and by evenings and weekends I am Dad; having adopted our 2 kids back in 2011.

It’s a good life, busy but good.   I am oldest of 3 sons, Philip and Matthew being the other 2 in age order from me down.  We are the sons of Margaret and Michael and Dad still lives in the East End of Glasgow where I grew up from the age of 14 months.   I have been married to Yvonne, often known as Yve since August 1999.

I am on a journey of faith, of fatherhood, of discovery.  Do I have answers, sometimes, do I have questions, lots.  Do i want to know more yes.  Do I want my kids to have a good life, I sure do and will work as hard as I need to, to achieve that.  These pages give somewhat of an insight into my journey and musings.

See ya around, hope some of this makes sense, makes you think, makes you laugh and above all makes you want to come back again and see how the whole story unfolds…