Homework Time

Well here we are another meeting down that is 3 and we are beginning to feel the pinch.

We both came away from the meeting feeling somewhat overwhlemed with the sheer volume of homework that we have to complete.   I personally have to complete my Pen Profile which is about 9  questions all asking really intricate questions about your childhood, your entire history of school how you feel about all of the above.  Health and leisure and a very vague section on your personality.

Add to all of that which I need to have done by Mon/Tues so that our social worker can have at least a week to digest it before she sees me personally a week on Tuesday.  We have to write down every single job we have had since we were 16, every place we have ever lived even if only for a few months, EVER.  This is only the start of it as well, we have all sorts more to come in the coming months before we are through.