I Will Drive 500 Miles…Home

SInce most of the pictures of the car dash are taking as we get back to where we had been that day, mostly late into the evevning, it’s not so obvious to note the temperature difference between back and forth in Lincolnshire or Yorkshire as it was here as we arrived back North of the border.  Actually as we got over the border the weather turned noticeably colder, and indeed wetter, so welcome home to us.  In an ironic kind of a way it was actually good as it cleared a lot of the bugs off the roofbox and indeed front grill/ number plate.  I had kept the windshield fairly clear with a few morning wipes but the rest of it was not getting done till we were finished driving, no need, rain solved that issue.

Part of our planned travel home was to go via Chorley just off the M6 to go collect these 2 little ones.  The plan was that we would visit the breeder on the way down which you will know we did if you read day 1 of this series, from there we had thought it was to be one and also that it would be ready for homing about the 1st August, which was fine.  Well when we arrived we were greeted with a choice and some toing and froing went on as these 2 were available and could be picked up as we went back home 2 weeks from then, so here we were in Chorley collecting 2 female Cavapoo puppies at only 8 weeks old.  Wow, here’s to another chapter as we all look towards having a dog or now dogs in the home again since Honey passed away September 2017.

Since we did this new routine we hit Chorley about 1245 which was a decent 3 hours from when we left Lincolnshire, the drive to there and from there home was very uneventful about 4 hours from Chorley to home with a couple of stops, makes all my other drives North and South seem like a walk in the park by comparison, so we are definitely adopting this new routine and timing for future Southern travels.

I started this mini series as an ode to the Proclaimers song, that we would drive 500 Miles and 500 more … well as you can see from the odometer reading that was a tad understimated.  Nearly 1800 from home to home and all in between was done, all but perhaps 3 of those was driven by me personally, combination of reasons, but for the greater good it’s how this family chooses to do it.  Yve is both perfectly capable and proficient in driving in all conditions, we all just prefer it this way with long journeys.

Car largely unpacked with the roofbox remaining on the car and a far more relaxed evening of arriving home was had.  Again the change of routine and timing of packing, leaving our destination and arriving home has meant a better, less stressful end to my holiday all of which helps greatly, while everyone else gets to enjoy the remainder of the summer months off school etc, I sadly however have to be back at work the next day.  So shower and bed for tomorrow the holiday will seem like an all to distant memory for me especially, full of great memories and one of our most relaxing if not for the 1700+ mile driving.